Integration to Applovin MAX mediation

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Adikteev cross promotion is tailored to run directly from SDK integration in your app. It allows a dedicated ad placement for your growth strategy. 

However, we can also integrate our cross promotion campaigns in MAX mediation. This will create a competition between your other ad campaigns. 


First step is to have a working MAX integration. You will need your access to Applovin platform. 

Then, you will need to integrate our SDK package in your app following this documentation: 

Integration in Applovin MAX dashbaord

Once it's done you can go to your dashboard: 

New ad placement

For each ad placement/OS you want to integrate, you will have to create an ad unit:


Then you have to setup platform and Ad Type: 


Adikteev Cross Promotion can support: 

  • Interstitial 
  • Rewarded

Then follow the integration to an existing ad placement. 

Warning: Applovin force to have at least their network in competition with a custom network.

Integrate with an existing ad placement

If you choose to add cross promotion with an existing ad unit, you will have to add a custom network.

Adikteev Cross Promotion can support: 

  • Interstitial 
  • Rewarded

You should see Adikteev SDK custom network: 


Here is all the field you have to fill: 

  • App ID: Source app appID (see in your cross promotion dashboard Ad Delivery Settings section when you click on see API key) optional as it's repetitive with Custom Parameters
  • Placement ID: ID you want to have in your reporting tool (ex: interstitial_xpromo_adk)
  • Custom Parameters: Replace with your app informations 
  • CPM Price: Depends on your strategy, will not be billed as it's internal cross promotion so internal billing. We advice to set 200 to be sure to win the auction. 
  • Country Targeting: Define your own strategy

Remark: You can add as many apps you want for each Ad Unit clicking on Add New Placement ID. 

Finally you have to save your integration and test it.

Ad response

Your set up will generate ad requests in our Cross Promotion platform but no ad response will arrive if you don't activate in our Cross Promotion dashboard. If you want to test, set a test device (documentation here) and activate the promotion for your app sources (documentation here)

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