Step 2: Add creatives to your promoted apps

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Creatives are a central part of ad performance in digital marketing. For cross promotion, we can setup creatives for promoted apps in creative sets matching with all available formats in our SDK. 

Creation of a creative set

In the Creative section of cross promotion platform , you will be able to create Creative sets: 

Capture_d_e_cran_2023-03-01_a__15.47.41.pngAfter clicking on the Add a creative set button, you will have to configure your creatives with assets. There are 3 steps. 

1- Creative set details


  • App: Select the app that is promoted in the asset you'll upload
  • Creative Set Name: Give a name to this creative set so that you can recognize it in your reporting tools
  • Language: Choose the language of your creative

2- Upload your assets


You can upload 2 assets in one creative set. It will enable up to 4 creative formats. 

The format must be 16:9 and 9:16. 


3- Activate formats you need


We have 2 Ad sizes: 

  • Interstitial: It's a full screen ad format
  • Mid size: it's a pop over ad format that takes half of the screen

Add to ad size, we have also orientation that matter for creative, so each ad size will have its declination regarding the orientation of the device: 

  • Portrait 
  • Landscape

⚠️ Orientation is not the one of the creative but the device at the moment the ad is requested. 


Last step: Activation


You have to click on Save and activate so that your upload will be taken into account. After that, you'll be able to launch your cross promotion. See article here: Step 3: Launch a cross-promotion campaign for your app to promote

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