Device ID targeting list to filter traffic

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As we are 100% a retargeting company, we only bid on traffic we know Device ID. 

Our campaigns take audience list and we managed to gather all those audience lists to share with you the interesting traffic for us. 

Why you should implement that feature? 

Traffic costs to both side in term of data treatment. The more effective we are in term of traffic quality, the less infra cost we will waste.

On our side this will probably help: 

  • Response rate
  • Spend increase 
  • Performance increase

How do you set up your integration? 

Legal mandatory step

We'll have to check that our common DPA integrate data processing on your side. 


Get the Device ID list

On a daily basis we'll update 2 files for iOS and Android device ID. Those are going to be dropped in a S3 bucket. Those files will be csv.

We'll give you read-only access to this bucket to treat those files. 

Process to access S3 bucket 

  • We'll give you access to our S3 bucket by 2 possible ways : 
  1. With your AWS account: You share with us and we allow the access to the bucket 
  2. With secret key and password: We share it to you if you need so

In both cases, please contact the integration team at Adikteev to have access. 


The data will be updated everyday on an hourly basis. However, a daily refresh is enough for a good targeting coverage (more than 85%).
They will be divided in 2 files: 


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