Set Up Event Postbacks

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1. Log in to your Adjust dashboard at

2. Select your app on the upper left navigation corner and go to "Settings"

> Click on "Partner Setup" > Click on "Add Partner"

Search and select "Adikteev Activation"


3. In the partner setup, switch the "Enabled" and "Session Forwarding" toggles to "ON"

4. Select "Event Linking" > Fill all with event names in order to transmit all events with the same names as you have set up in adjust.

You can also enter for each one of your events another name that will be sent to Adikteev.
This name field can contain any value of your choice, but we advise to make it self-explanatory such as "first purchase", "add to cart" or "facebook registration" as it is the name that will be shown in our interface.


5. Toggle on "In-App Revenue Forwarding" and "Parameter Forwarding" to allow Adikteev to receive the revenue and product details in your events in order to optimize on ROAS but also serve personalized ads. In the end, the module view should look like this



Finally, save your settings, and Adikteev will start receiving events from your app.


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