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The adjust trackers will be set on our end as destination URLs for your ads. These will be used to notify Adjust of a click coming from an Adikteev campaign.

How to set up a new tracker

1. Go to the Menu > Apps > Set Up your App and select Tracker URLs

2. Click on New tracker at the bottom of the module


3. Type the name of your tracker, specifying adikteev as network


Click on Additional Parameters to add your deeplink without making any changes to the other fields.


Click on Apply to go back to the overview page, then Create


Regarding the attribution windows:
Make sure the windows follow the Default attribution settings if this tracker is not part of the strategy agreed with your Account Manager at Adikteev.
Please find a detailed article here on how to change the Attribution Windows on Adjust


4. Share the generated click and impression tracking links with your Account Manager at Adikteev, then click on Done


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