User List Specifications

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This article is dedicated to clients who prefer to send us segment lists instead of using the Tracking Provider event stream, and format the list in the best way to ensure a technical integration.


  • There should be one file per OS
  • We accept CSV format
  • The file should be encoded in UTF-8

File Name

Please use the bundle identifier of your app as file name. 

File Content

  • There should be only one device ID per row 
    • A device ID for iOS should look like as follow with UPPER CASE characters
        ex: A8A63A1C-8308-4686-8A5F-355409EED671
    • A device ID for Android should look like as follow with lower case characters
      • xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
        ex: 7a37e4b2-7b57-4b27-92f4-4bb8c8faeb9a

File Update

Let us know which day and time the update of your files will be complete. We implement a daily refresh of the segment based on this information.


S3 Bucket

We can use your S3 bucket or provide you with an access to our bucket.
Please ask your Account Manager instructions on how to setup the access to our S3 bucket.



  • There shouldn't be empty rows in the file
  • The file should not contain additional characters such as quotes, question marks, etc
  • We only use the data provided in the files and don't modify it
  • We do not keep history of user data.


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