Step 1: Enable your app to publish cross-promotion ads

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The first step of Cross-Promotion setup is to configure your publisher app(s) so that they can display ads.

For those just starting out with cross-promotion, you must set up both sides of your advertising ecosystem: "publisher" and "promoted apps." As you are both the publisher and the advertiser, you will be managing both sides of your ad strategy in your app studios.

First steps for setup

  1. Activate your event stream to Adikteev from your MMP (see documentation for your MMP)

  2. Ask for account creation from your Customer Success Manager at Adikteev

  3. Integrate the Adikteev SDK in at least one app to display cross-promotion ads (see documentation)

Allow your app to be a cross-promotion publisher

After logging in to the Adikteev cross-promotion dashboard, go to your ad delivery settings:




In that section you will see all the apps linked to your iOS and Android app store accounts.

If your app is in gray, that means that the events for this app are not being shared with Adikteev cross-promotion. You will need to activate the data stream to send postbacks to Adikteev.

Generate API key to activate the SDK in your app integration

To communicate with the Adikteev system, you must create a link between the SDK installed in the app and your cross promotion setup. This will be done via a secure API.

In order to activate this integration, your app developers will need to configure a specific API key for each source app when installing the Adikteev SDK




If your app has the event stream activated with Adikteev cross-promotion, you'll be able to generate an API Key. You can retrieve it in your ad delivery settings section, via the setup button for your selected app: 


Capture d’écran 2022-10-24 à 16.54.41.png


You may use this API key to install the Adikteev SDK. This will allow for good communication between the cross-promotion platform and your mobile app. 

You can then set up your ad delivery settings for the publisher app you selected (the one with the SDK).

Ad delivery settings

At this step, you’re technically all set. 

What you need to do now is manage your ad delivery settings. In other words, who you’re going to target.

In the publisher app settings: 




You’ll be able to choose your targeting list as follow: 

  • Targeted user bases: With our churn model, this will calculate who is going to be targeted and who is not. The percentage of the user base represents the size of the targeting list. The model will first choose users that have a high chance of churning, looking back 90 days in your user base.
    By default, the percentage will be set at the recommended starting percentage (50%). It can be adjusted afterwards.
  • Control group: You can choose to activate this feature to start an A/B test and avoid displaying ads to 20% of the targeted audience. The control group will be deactivated by default.



💡Do not forget to save before quitting! It’ll apply the new setup instantly. 

Next steps

Once you’ve done this, you’re all good to set up the promoted app(s) to start your cross-promotion campaign. 

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