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You have to login to your cross promotion platform: 


Step 1: access the User Management section

On the top right corner, go to your profile dropdown and select ‘Users management’.

Only administrators can view, add and edit new users, but there is no limit to how many administrators an account can have.



Step 2: Set up a new user profile

On the top right corner, select ‘Add new user’.


Enter the name and the email for the user you want to add.


Then, define their role based on the privileges you want them to have:

  • Account admin: There must be at least one administrator for an account. They can perform every action and view all settings on the platform. Admins are the only ones who can view, add, edit and delete users.
  • Account user: Can view and perform every action on the platform, but cannot manage other users.

After defining the role of your new user, click ‘save’. You can then see a summary of your users.

And that is it! You have successfully added a new user.

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