Displaying ads to test devices

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You can use this feature to display cross-promotion ads to your test devices and make sure that you have successfully integrated Adikteev Cross-Promotion SDK.

How to register a test device? 

Within your Adikteev Cross-Promotion account, click Testing in the left menu: 



The list of registered test devices will be displayed : those devices will receive a cross-promotion ad from Adikteev platform every time the SDK sends ad request, regardless of their churn score.


To add a new test device, just click on Add a new test device in the top right corner: 


Fill the OS of your device and then the IDFV for iOS devices or GAID for Android devices, then click Save.

Once the setup is complete, the new device will appear in the complete list of test devices and will start being eligible to cross-promotion ads right away.


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