Locating the App ID and API key

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In order to configure Adikteev Cross-Promotion SDK in one of your apps, you will be asked to provide an app ID and API key. These parameters are specific to each app and you can find them in your Adikteev Cross-Promotion account.

Where to find App ID and API key ?

Within your Adikteev account, click Ad Delivery Settings in the left menu:


The list of source apps linked to your app store account will be displayed : this is where you can configure cross-promotion ads delivered through Adikteev SDK.

Locate the app where you are trying to set up Adikteev SDK, click the dots on the right side and select Generate API key in the options:


A new view will appear with the App ID and API key just generated:


Once arrived here, you can copy and paste the App ID / API key values and insert them in Adikteev Cross-Promotion SDK configuration. You can also come back later in this section of the dashboard and click See API key to access again these values.


NB. The App ID used by Adikteev is the official store identifier of your app, it is the numerical ID for iOS apps and the bundle ID for Android apps.

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