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Getting started

Adikteev is integrated with the Apsalar tracking solution. To set up a Adikteev campaign in Apsalar you simply need to generate tracking links.

Generate tracking links

 To create an Attribution Tracking Tag for a new Campaign :
  1. Navigate to the Attribution Tracking Tags page under the Campaign Management section.
  2. Click the “Create Campaign”.
  3. Enter a campaign name; by default this is named “New Campaign” with a time stamp
  4. Select a target application
    Tip: To see all of your registered iOS applications, click the “…” button.
  5. Enter a Group Name, by default this is named "New Group" with a timestamp. 
  6. Enter Adikteev as the campaign source.
  7. Select the "Save" check mark. For each added campaign source there should now be a unique Attribution Click Tag.


No additional steps are required. By generating a tracking link in the Apsalar dashboard and selecting Adikteev as the source, you will have automatically enabled Postbacks to Adikteev.

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