Set Up Event Postbacks with your mobile app tracking solution

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The flow

If you wish to run mobile retargeting campaigns with Adikteev while using a custom tracking solution, you will need to set up a server-to-server integration with us. This server-to-server integration will have the following user flow:

  • Users clicks on mobile ad
  • They are directed to Adikteev tracking link to count the click
  • They are redirected to your tracking link
    • Adikteev populates dynamic parameters (e.g. Adikteev click ID and device advertising ID)
    • Your tracking solution records the click along with the dynamic parameters
  • They are redirected to the mobile app
    • Your tracking solution captures the device advertising ID in the incoming click
  • Your tracking solution tracks all installs and subsequent user events in the mobile app with the device advertising ID
  • Your tracking solution matches these events to Adikteev clicks based on device advertising ID
  • Your tracking solution fires a postback for every mobile app event to Adikteev, providing the device advertising ID, and the matched Adikteev click ID if the event is attributed to a click


Passing dynamic parameters in your click URL

Please provide us with the click URL you want Adikteev to redirect the user to. We will need to include the following macros in your click URL:

 Click ID

 Complex string identifying uniquely the click   or impression for Adikteev

 Important: The click ID is used by Adikteev   to match an event to a source, it is expected   that you send it back unmodified in the   postback




 IDFA  Plain Apple Advertisement Identifier (IDFA)  NO  45F30F47-A858-49B3-A299-   DDE563C316FE
 Google   Advertising   ID  Plain Google Advertising ID value  NO  90392c5e-623d-40b8-8557-   b902e85b615a
Custom Tracking Link Example{click_id}&idfa={idfa}&gaid={google_advertising_id}

Posting back Install events

Upon install, we expect you to send Adikteev a notification using a postback. We expect to receive install postbacks according to the following template:

Install Postback Template{os}/{bundle_id}/sessions/{sender_id}?click_id={click_id}&idfa={idfa}&google_advertising_id={google_advertising_id}&country={country}&publisher_name={publisher_name}&isOrganic={isOrganic}&app_version={app_version}&os_version={os_version}
 os Either 'ios' or 'android'  YES ios
 bundle_id The bundle identifier of the app. Use the actual bundle identifier for iOS and the package name for Android  YES com.facebook.facebook
 sender_id Static ID identifying the sender of the event, for example name of the company / tool generating the postbacks (ex: "segment", "branch", etc.)  YES branch
 click_id Adikteev click ID passed in the tracking link. This parameter is required by Adikteev for all attributed events, would attribution be based on click (click-through attribution) or an impression (view-through attribution)  YES ABCD123456EFGH
 idfa Apple's advertising identifier that we relayed to your click URL  YES on iOS if available, NO otherwise 792D87C6-A371-461D-96AE-1E842D98730B
 google_advertising_id Google's advertising identifier that we relayed to your click URL  YES on Android  71460ae2-85af-43e0-906c-7832976a0d33
 country Two-letter country code (DE, US, GB, FR, etc.) where the install happened  YES  US


Boolean flag set to 1 if the event is organic or 0 otherwise  NO


App version or release number  NO 2798


Version of the device operating system (iOS or Android)  NO 14.0.2


Posting back in-app events

In a similar way, if you want Adikteev to optimize your mobile acquisition or re-engagement campaign on a CPA level, you will also need to send postbacks upon custom events that take place while running the app.

Custom Event Postback Template{os}/{bundle_id}/sessions/{sender_id}/events/{event_name}?click_id={click_id}&idfa={idfa}&google_advertising_id={google_advertising_id}&country={country}&app_version={app_version}&os_version={os_version}&isOrganic={isOrganic}&value={value}&info={info}
event_name The name of your custom event, such as "registration" or "purchase" YES  add_to_cart
value Transaction amount for in-app purchases, including optionally two decimal places. Must be in US dollars unless currency parameter is specified NO  49.99
currency Three-letter currency code for in-app purchases. Default is USD  NO GBP 
info URL-encoded JSON object containing event data about the transaction (details about purchased items, name, price, quantity, etc.) NO




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