Set Up Event Postbacks

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To configure Adikteev with the Singular attribution service:

  1. Go to Attribution > Partner Configuration.
  2. Use the filtering box on the top left to search for Adikteev
  3. Select Add site, or click Adikteev to display a list of configured sites and select the Edit button.


Adikteev Configuration Window


App-Specific Configuration

Enable Re-engagement Postbacks:

Please tick this box in order to treat the re-engagement as an attribution.

Configuring In-App Event Postbacks

We require the attribution service to send them postbacks to notify them about events that happen after the install.

Please select:

  • All as we need to receive all events and can segment the users as accurately as possible

Configuring attribution type 

We need to follow this setup to enable view-through attribution


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