Set Up Event Postbacks

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Adikteev uses the event sent via mParticle to build the user segments and target them efficiently.


- We can launch campaigns for incrementality only purposes where we don't need an attribution partner, only a deeplink 
- In order to benefit of attribution capabilities, you need to use an Attribution Partner in complement of mParticle. Alternatively, Adikteev grants its client with its free attribution service.


To set up the mParticle integration, you will need your Customer ID, provided by our Adikteev Account Manager, which is your company ID in our platform.
The configuration name can be customized to your liking.

Data Processing Notes

Adikteev does not accept data more than 48 hours old.

Supported User Identities

We can receive the following IDs from mParticle:

  • Google Advertising ID (GAID)
  • Apple Advertising ID (IDFA)
  • Customer ID
  • Email Address

Supported Events

  • Application State Transition
  • Attribution
  • Custom Event
  • Product Action
  • Screen View
  • Session Start / End
  • User Attribute Change
  • User Identity Change


Configuration Settings


Setting Name Data Type Description

Configuration Name

   Customized to your liking

Adikteev Customer ID

string Company ID provided by your Adikteev Account Manager


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