Generate Tracking Links

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Once you've enabled an integration it's time to create a tracking link.

  1. First, select the App Only format. For Search or Display campaigns where the user should go to web if they don't have the app, then you should select Cross-Platform Search or Cross-Platform Display

    Product Links are for shopping or dynamic remarketing campaigns and will take you to create a Deep Linked Product Feed.


  2. At this point you need to name your link.
    The Ad Format and Adikteev should be selected already. Click Configure Options to continue.


  3. This is your chance to add deep link data and analytics tags. Analytics tags are important for later segmentation, so click the Analytics sub tab to add a Channel and Campaign value.


    Set Analytics tags

    It's easier to slice your data if you properly assign analytics parameters to your link. Channels generally correspond to ad networks, and Campaigns correspond to marketing initiatives that you're launching. For example: Channel: "Adikteev", Campaign: "Summer 2019 Discounts."


  4. Click Create Link Now, and you have your tracking link! Take this link and give it to your Account Manager at Adikteev.


    Server to server tracking links

    If you just need a server to server tracking link just add %24s2s=true at the end of your link, so we know it's a server to server link.




View-Through Attribution (VTA) with Impression Pixels

View-through attribution allows to track installs, session starts and conversion events back to an ad impression, even if the ad was never clicked on.

Branch's view-through attribution logic is currently as follows for any given event:

  • If there's a click within a valid attribution window, Branch gives credit to the click.
  • If there's no click within a valid attribution window, Branch gives credit to the last impression that was within a valid attribution window.

Currently, Branch supports VTA for Self Attributing Networks (SANs), such as Facebook and Google, and non-SAN networks with server to server impression link support.

To create a impression tracking link for Adikteev, simply create an ad link, and grab the impression link from the final step of link creation.
Make sure the impression pixel returned by Branch's dashboard has %24s2s=true and an %24idfa or %24aaid macro.


Tracking Link Parameters

Branch Tracking links allow tracking many parameters about the performance of your ad campaigns and individual ads. Additional parameters for advanced analysis may be added to the link after the '?' or '&' character, to trace extra information.

Example Tracking Link with Additional Parameters

Example Branch link including additional parameters to pass Agency and Sub Publisher information:

The following parameters are available to use within the pre-generated tracking link:

Campaign Information

Branch Parameter Description
~agency Agency name
~secondary_publisher Sub Publisher
~campaign Campaign name
~campaign_id Campaign ID
~channel Channel
~feature Feature
~stage Stage
~tags Tags
~creative_name Creative name
~creative_id Creative ID
~ad_set_name Ad set name
~ad_set_id Ad set ID
~ad_name Ad unit name
~ad_id Ad unit ID
~banner_dimensions Banner Dimension
~placement Placement
~keyword_id Keyword ID
~keyword_text Keyword Text


Device Information

Branch Parameter Description
%24aaid Google AAID
%24idfa Apple IDFA


Cost Data Availability

Cost data passed via these macros is available in exports but is not visible in the Branch dashboard.

Branch Parameter Description
~cost_model Cost Model
~cost_value Cost Value
~cost_currency Cost Currency

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