Activate postbacks with AppsFlyer

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How to activate postbacks

1. Log in to your Appsflyer dashboard

2. Click on “Integrated partners” in the “Configuration” section on the left side of the window, then search for “Adikteev Churn Prediction


3. On the "Adikteev Churn Prediction" line, click on “Edit”

4. In the “Integration” tab, turn the toggle “Activate Partner” to “ON

4.1 Turn the toggle “Enable advanced privacy” to “OFF

4.2 In Default Postbacks, make sure that the “Sending Option” for Install is set as “All media sources, including organic

4.3 Then enable In-App Events Postbacks

4.3.1 Click “Add event” and share all in-app events tracked with Appsflyer SDK. Make sure to share at least the following two : af_app_opened, af_purchase (or any other events measuring in-app revenue)

4.3.2 For "Sending Option", select “All media sources, including organic

4.3.3 For “Send revenue”, select “Values and revenue

5. Click “Save integration” the configuration

6. Please inform your account representative when the steps above have been completed


Once all postbacks have been activated, on the next day the "Data Stream" column in your Churn Prediction dashboard will switch to "activated" for relevant apps.


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