Activate postbacks with Adjust

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How to activate postbacks

1. Log in to your Adjust dashboard

2. Select your app on the upper left navigation corner and go to "Settings"

3. Click on "Partner Setup" and then "Add Partner"

4. Select "Adikteev Churn Prediction"

5. Switch all the toggles to "ON":

5.1 "Enabled"

5.2 "Session forwarding"

5.3 "In-app revenue forwarding"

5.4 “Ad revenue forwarding”

6. Select "Event Linking" and then “Fill all with event names” in order to share all in-app events tracked with Adjust SDK.

6.1 Save the settings

6.2 Please inform your account representative when the steps above have been completed


Once all postbacks have been activated, on the next day the "Data Stream" column in your Churn Prediction dashboard will switch to "activated" for relevant apps.

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