Grant Dashboard Access

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We recommend you to grant your Adikteev campaign manager a "Reader user" access to your Adjust dashboard.

This access will allow us to check the proper delivery and tracking of the campaign.
Reader users can only see your "Statistics" and "Apptrace" pages

In the Account Settings > Got to the Users tab > Add a new User 

You can add and give them any role out of the four defaults:

  • Admin users have access to your entire dashboard and account settings. Only admins can change account settings and payment plans.
  • Editor users have access to your apps, and can add or delete trackers and events. Editors do not have access to your account settings.
  • Reader users can only read data for your apps, and not make any changes. They only have access to the Statistics and Apptrace pages, and cannot access your tracker URLs.
  • Custom users where you can grant access to particular features

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