Static Ads

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Static sizes

 Size  Weight
 320x50  max. 100kb
 300x250  max. 100kb
 320x480  max. 300kb
 480x320  max. 500kb
 728x90   max. 150kb
 1024x768  max. 300kb
 768x1024  max. 300kb



  • Banners can be static jpg, png and gif or animated gif

  • Banner sizes: we recommend to keep the max. banner weight under 300kb

  • If creatives are very dark or very light, they must have a visible border in a color which contrasts with the majority of the creative. It must be clear to the user where the app ends and the banner begins.

  • Gif requirements:

    • Animation length must be max 30 seconds, better shorter

    • Animation can be looped, but the animation must stop after 30 seconds

    • Animated GIF ads must be 5 fps or slower


  • Please note that by not following the guidelines may result in the rejection of the banners by some SSP, thereby limiting the reach of the campaign. 


Best Practices

Don't Do

  • Too much text / Unclear Branding

  • No contrasting border color

  • No Call-to–Action


  • Short & easy to read text

  • Good Call to Action

  • Contrasting colors




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