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In order to generate the best performance for your retargeting campaigns, our In-House Designer Team computed essential guidelines to help you.

Know your target

Find your users' motivation: define what their painpoints are and which situations can lead them to complete an action. 

Factors such as gender, age, location and hobbies can influence purchasing decisions. Establish what their User Persona is and study what their needs and desires are. 

Marketing Narratives are tools used to engage and connect with prospective customers in an emotional way. These narratives are used to tell the story of a product.

• Research what your customer’s needs are.

• Make it personal.

• Decide on a plot for the narrative that goes in line with the brand.

Materials & Contrast

  • Be in line with your brand identity: Use approved graphic assets as well as the correct typography and colour palette.
  • Use high quality assets
  • Color Contrast increases the impact of an ad. The creation of contrast through the use of complementary colors can significantly increase the legibility and readability, increasing the effectiveness of the ad.

Clarify Your Message

Keep the creatives’ messaging simple and straightforward. Use thoughtful, engaging and powerful visuals, and straightforward text to capture the users’ attention right away.

Opt for a short call to action and use vibrant colours that stand out from the rest of the composition.

300x250.png 300x250.png



Offers & Rewards

We all love receiving rewards, especially when the action necessary is simple or convenient. This drive and love of “free stuff’ is exactly what makes rewards-based marketing, it is a great tactic to engage the everyday users and incentivize them to execute an action.

Implementing a giveaway or a reward in a creative is an effective way for advertisers to gain clicks and conversion.



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