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Mobile Rich media is an ad format that supports advanced HMTL / JS features as for example web-like interactions, audio/video controls, playable units, etc. so that it can motivate users to interact with the ad and in that way increase the engagement with the content and brand even before the click action. In the same category are included all the HTML/JS ad formats of specific dimensions supported on our platform.


Please find below the list of assets required that help us create the best MRAID for your campaigns!

  • PSD
    • Best performing promotional banners
    • UI elements
    • Artkeys
  • PNG
    • Best performing banners
    • Logos
    • Characters/Products
  • Videos
  • Fonts
  • Brand style guidelines
  • Flash animation/Sprite Sheet/PNG sequence (for gaming apps only)


MRAID compatibility

Our platform could run any mobile rich media ad formats that are compatible and support MRAID 1. “Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions” is a common API (Application Programming Interface) for mobile rich media ads that will run in mobile apps.  This is a standardised set of commands, designed to work with HTML5 and JavaScript, that developers creating rich media ads use. 

If you are curious, you can find more information about MRAID standard here:


If you still have questions please let us assist you in ensuring MRAID compatibility of your rich media banners  

The MRAID enabled mobile rich media creatives could be supported as long as the dimensions of the creatives are the following:

  • 320*50
  • 300*250
  • 320*480

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