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Enabling retargeting campaign measurement for your app

Before activating the Adikteev integration, you should check that retargeting campaign measurement is enabled for your app

To enable retargeting on the app level:

  1. Go to Configuration > App Settings.
  2. Turn on Enable Retargeting Attribution.



Activate Adikteev integration

  1. Login to your AppsFlyer dashboard
  2. Click on Active Integrations in the Collaborate section on the left side of the window, then search for "Adikteev Retargeting":
  3. Click on Edit
  4. In the Integration tab, turn the toggle Activate Partner to "ON"
  5. Turn the toggle "Advanced Privacy" to "OFF" (iOS apps only)
  6. If you wish to enable View-Through Attribution for your campaigns, activate the two related toggles



Enable event postbacks to Adikteev for your app

  1. In Default Postbacks, make sure that the Sending Option for Install is set as Events attributed to any partners or organic

  2. Then enable In-App Events Postbacks

For "In-App Events Postback Window", select Lifetime to make sure Adikteev receives all your in-app events and segment users accurately.

Then, select Add Manually and add all relevant events for your retargeting campaign.

  • For "Sending Option", select All media sources, including organic.
  • For "Send revenue", select Values & revenue to let Adikteev optimize your campaigns on ROAS or run dynamic product ads based on your product feed

Make sure to include the af_app_opened event to let Adikteev measure your app opens correctly.

Do not hesitate to consult with your Adikteev Account Manager in order to have the optimal setup.



Enable ad network permissions

In the "Permissions" tab, please enable the toggle "Ad network permissions" to provide Adikteev read-only access to integration settings 



Please inform your Adikteev account manager that the setup is done to confirm everything works as intended.


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