Grant Dashboard Access

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In order for Adikteev to access the data generated via our campaign, you need to grant us specific permissions

  1. Go to Adikteev > Edit in the Integrated Partner section
  2. In the Permissions tab, turn the toggle for Ad Network Permissions ON
  3. Click on "Add Team Member and add the following email address: 


You can grant us the following permissions

  • Allow to configure integration - permits to setup the integration tab (except in-app events postbacks) [Recommended]
  • Allow to configure in-app event postbacks - permits to setup in-app event postbacks mapping to itself on the integration tab [Recommended]
  • Allow access to your retention report - only to the our own retention data [Highly Recommended]
  • Allow access to your Protect360 dashboard - only to the partner's own Protect360 data, and providing the feature is enabled for the advertiser



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