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Generating click & impression tracking links

1. Go to the Integrated Partners view and select Adikteev

2. Click on the Tracking Link tab

Please note that this tab helps you to generate tracking links, but they are not automatically saved.



You can add various parameters to use for analyzing your campaigns results and strategy.

You can leave the parameters blank or add some parameters with our values (which then will be dynamically populated):

Parameter Name Value
Campaign Name (c) {campaign_name}
Campaign ID (af_c_id) {campaign}
Site ID (af_siteid) {publisherAppId}
Ad Name (af_ad) {creative_name}
Ad ID (af_ad_id)  {creative_id}



Toggling retargeting settings on

  1. Turn the toggle Retargeting Settings ON
    This toggle must be ON at all times in order to properly attribute events to the reengagement campaign
  2. Please add your deeplink URL
    For Android, we recommend you to select Use a standard attribution link
    For iOS, we recommend you to Use OneLink 


Customizing the attribution windows

You can customize your windows for Re-Engagement, Click-Through and View-Through.

The Re-Engagement Window is the timeframe in which the in-app events generated by a user who should be attributed to Adikteev. 
The Click-Through Lookback Window determines the maximum time passing from a click to a reengagement.
The View-Through Lookback Window determines the maximum time passing from a view to a reengagement, providing there was no click from the user.


Copy the "Click Tracking Link" and the "Impression Tracking Link" generated automatically by AppsFlyer after you've set up all the details. 


Send the tracking link to your Account Manager at Adikteev to perform tracking test and ensure everything is working smoothly.

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